8.30: Opening

8:35-10:00 Technical session #1 (non-cooperative games)

Nash Equilibrium Reoptimization is Hard. Andrea Celli and Alberto Marchesi. AGTIJCAI2017_paper_12_CelliM

On the Design of Revenue-Enhancing Signal Structures in Common- and Interdependent-Value Second Price Auctions. Zhuoshu Li and Sanmay Das. AGTIJCAI2017_paper_15_LiD

Towards a Game-theoretic Framework for Intelligent Cyber-security Alert Allocation. Aaron Schlenker, Haifeng Xu, Mina Guirguis, Milind Tambe, Arunesh Sinha, Chris Kiekintveld, Solomon Sonya, Noah Dunstatter and Darryl Balderas. AGTIJCAI2017_paper_21_Schlenker_etal

A Game-Theoretic View of Randomized Fair Multi-Agent Optimization. Hugo Gilbert and Olivier Spanjaard. AGTIJCAI2017_paper_4_GilbertS

10-10.30: Coffee break lunch

10:30-12:30 Technical session #2 (long talks)

Generalizing Top Trading Cycles for Housing Markets with Fractional Endowments. Haris Aziz. AGTIJCAI2017_paper_1_Aziz

Fair Public Decision Making. Vincent Conitzer, Rupert Freeman and Nisarg Shah. AGTIJCAI2017_paper_3_ConitzerFS

Getting Your Fare Share. Edgar Chen, Omer Lev, Ariel Procaccia, Xinyu Wu and Yair Zick. AGTIJCAI2017_paper_8_ChenLPWZ

 Regret Minimization in Behaviorally-Constrained Zero-Sum Games. Gabriele Farina, Christian Kroer and Tuomas Sandholm. AGTIJCAI2017_paper_16_FarinaKS


12.30-14.00: Lunch break lunch2


14:00-15:40 Invited talk: Modeling Human Play in Games: From Behavioral Economics to Deep Learning,  Kevin Leyton-Brown (University of British Columbia) + discussion   Abstract

15:40-16:00 lightning talks (IJCAI AGT papers)

16.00-16.30: Coffee break  lunch

16:30-18:00 Technical session #3 (cooperation)

Cooperative Game Theory for Non-linear Pricing of Load-side Distribution Network Support. Archie Chapman, Sleiman Mhanna and Gregor Verbic. AGTIJCAI2017_paper_20_ChapmanMV

Cooperation of small groups – an optimal transport approach. Xinyang Wang. AGTIJCAI2017_paper_5_Wang

Repeated Triangular Trade: Sustaining Circular Cooperation with Observation Errors. Kota Shigedomi, Fuuki Shigenaka, Tadashi Sekiguchi, Atsushi Iwasaki and Makoto Yokoo.  AGTIJCAI2017_paper_9_ShigedomiSSIY

Multiple Willing Donors and Organ Clubs in Kidney Exchange. Gabriele Farina, John P. Dickerson and Tuomas Sandholm. AGTIJCAI2017_paper_17_FarinaDS


18.00: End of the day